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Pickup and delivery of assignments will be FREE in the Greater Kansas City area. All other delivery will be via e-mail, disk, fax, US priority mail, or overnight express - whichever option you choose. Postage and/or long distance phone charges accumulated once the assignment has begun, will be charged to your account.

You may choose from three different price structures when placing your work with us. These are:  "By the Hour", "By Assignment", and "Monthly Retainer". We will work with you in all three categories, depending on each assignment. We will complete your assignments in a timely and efficient manner. However, we will NOT provide you with less than superior quality. If we do not feel we can complete your work, to your satisfaction, we will advise you prior to accepting the assignment. 

By the Hour - If your choose, we will charge you for any assignment on an hourly basis. Call or e-mail for competitive hourly rate. Assume that one hour will produce at least 4 full, single spaced, typewritten sheets, if input is received from you in legible format. Any assignment may be performed by the hour, but we will always check to be sure that it's the most cost-effective way for you to select.  (go to By Assignment)     (go to Monthly Retainer)

Remember, there are no additional hidden costs in one hour of our time - no insurance benefits - no sick leave, vacations, payroll taxes, and no human resources department to track and add their costs to that hour! It is ONE FOCUSED HOUR WE ARE SPENDING ON YOUR WORK, without outside interferences.

Start and stop times will be documented and sent to you with your billing. A copy of each assignment's time log will be kept in our office for reference purposes.

After reviewing the specifications of each assignment, we may suggest that you have an assignment priced in the "By Assignment" category. This may be more cost-effective for you. Pricing By Assignment will not jeopardize the time or quality of the finished job.

By Assignment - price determined by the complexity of the assignment and time frame for completion. (go to By the Hour)   (go to Monthly Retainer)

In most cases, this is your most cost-efficient method.

Many times, you do not know how long it will take to complete an assignment. For instance, you may need a spreadsheet with 5,000 entries, formulas, graphics, etc. It may contain some complex formulas and link to other spreadsheets, or it may contain several workbook sheets in different files (i.e., budget). Paying the hourly fee would be disastrous! Just the time allotted for setup and testing of a spreadsheet of that magnitude, could take as long as actually entering the data. Even a small spreadsheet can require more setup time than actual data entry! 

However, if you already have a spreadsheet formatted, then using the hourly fee for data entry will be the most cost-effective way for you to price this job.

If you are a writer, or student, you may have a manuscript or thesis that needs to be typed. In most cases, you will have your own style sheet prepared. In order to produce the final output, using the hourly rate could consume a great amount of time, and even though you may consider 4 typed pages per hour a pretty good "deal," a large amount of  time will be consumed learning your particular style sheet (unless it is formatted on a disk, ready to enter text into.) Your manuscript, or thesis, probably will require editing, possibly graphics, etc., and that could require extra time.

Mail merges may appear simple - one letter and massive copies printed, with envelopes. However, it is much less expensive to purchase this service "by the job" than by the hour. If you want a complete mail merge with envelope stuffing and mailing, you would be wasting money paying a professional to stuff your envelopes at our hourly rate! 

Monthly Retainer - flat fee per month. Agreed-upon amount and type of assignments to be determined at the time you request a quote. (go to By Assignment)  (go to By the Hour)

This pricing structure is best for the traveling executive, small business owner, or entrepreneur. You specify what types of service you require each month, i.e., letters, emails, telephone calls, expense tracking, memos, answering phone, faxing, billing, accounting services, etc. You tailor hours during the day you would like our service available, which days of the week, and types of services you need. We will mutually review the Monthly Retainer after the first month's work has been completed, or at any other time you direct. Monthly retainer agreements for preset hours are available at a discounted rate.

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